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01:21am 27/08/2009
  ok so it's a private subreddit, so you will have to contact me with your username so i can add you.
send a message to kevlar_t_hodgepodge on reddit

check it out, might be a good way to link all the splintered web communities about the sphere.
02:03am 31/10/2007
  First of all I apologise if you've seen this post more then once.


Halloween (aka the day that doesn't matter) is happening on CyberSphere again for the first time in a couple of years. For those of you who don't know it means precisely this:

[-] [1571]---From: Anguissette at Tue Oct 30 1:32pm 2037---
[-] Subj: Halloween Details
[-] It will begin on tomorrow morning whenever I wake up
[-] (probably around 9-10AM CST) and last for 24 hours after
[-] that time. I will make a copy of the database at that time
[-] and I or Taltos will restart the server 24 hours later
[-] with the copy I made -- so all actions in the 24 hour
[-] period will not be committed. It will be as if that day
[-] did not occur, so if you have rent to pay or a fixer bill
[-] due tomorrow pay it this evening.
[-] Generally we have some kind of general theme for the
[-] festivities, past such themes included: werewolves and
[-] zombies.
[-] I don't think I'll be around much so I hope it's up to the
[-] rest of the GMs to create some kind of theme and implement
[-] it.
[-] Of course all the usual stuff will occur, we will set the
[-] clone decant time down significently and throw out a bunch
[-] of items that aren't normally found.
[-] For this post I'll adopt a KFism:
[-] Game on.
[-] -------

So there ya go. A chance to log on and do whatever, this game has needed this release for a while. Please com and be a part of it if only for one day.
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Those were the days 
08:57am 06/09/2006
mood: okay

China's a little more hard-line than the gods of CS were...
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11:49pm 11/08/2006
  the game has sucked me back in... what has the world come to?!  
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rising sea levels in cyberpunk? 
11:25am 27/07/2006
  I'm interested in basing a cyberpunk campaign with a flooded earth. What would the world be like flooded? I’m trying to generate a consenus on this. I've already got a small thread going on cyberpunk2020:

It’s possible to check out what rising sea levels might do to your locality by checking the Flood Maps Google Maps Hack:

If the sea level rose by 15ft/4.5M to say 50ft/15.2M what would happen. What part of your locality would you save from rising sea levels? Would you prefer 15ft or 50ft? Or would your locality be underwater? Do you think your locality has too much potential as a cyberpunk location to be flooded:)? Maby a sealed arcology might suit your locality? Even if your locality is miles above water it might be subjected to changes from any flooding. You well be innundated with yuppies looking for ‘safe’ real estate also businesses and goverment offices looking to relocate not to mention migrants workers.
01:04am 08/07/2005
mood: shocked
D00d, they even did it in front of the Syn! Have they no shame?
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Leonard Werkit was employed by ___ . 
11:56am 19/05/2005
mood: dorky
Check out this poll for some good oldschool CS trivia.

Crossposted to cybersphere and ncrefugees, because I'm an asshole like that, and because they're only mostly overlapping sets.
02:52pm 11/03/2005
  so i loged into the sphere for the first time in a loooooong time and
made a new character. i thought to myself that it would be
interesting to see how many people i could get to log in.

so here goes, i'm going to do this more than once as it might need to
happen a few times before the max logins is hit.


Where - The Last Exit
When - Wednesday March 16th 2005 - 9:00pm (moo time)

log in!
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for CyberSphere's GMs 
05:16am 24/12/2004
  Hi to everybody!
first - sorry for possible offtopic & my english.
second - I need to talk to game masters, but I've failed to contact with them neither in game (as a guest), nor by email. So, I'll be glad if one of them read this lj and answer me how to contact with him or her.
11:23am 07/12/2004
mood: amused
I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but by chance is anyone attending Philcon (in Philadelphia) this weekend?
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01:04am 25/11/2004
  So, 10 years... the game is 10. That's a fucking long time. I have my anniv in like the last week of this year, my 10th. When i first got on, i didn't know shit about MOO's, I was a MUSH player, but this game, this game had something. Still does.

It was scary, i never ventured far from the Syn. Guests could have combat then. I think it was just a few days before new years i got my slot, maybe a few days after.

Even after all these years, there's dark secrets of the game that have eluded me. Now, I could have someone show them to me, or fuck, just go searching for them with my bit, but why? it removes all the fun.

I know some of you guys don't play that much anymore, but come back and revel in old memories. 10 years is alot of time to spend on a hobby.
04:10am 09/11/2004
mood: Bitchin'
So, OK. Here's the deal. I'm gonna see how much free time I have in Iraqistan. If I have a lot of free time, I'm gonna be all about some CS, mother fuckers! If not, then sniff you jerks later.

But if I do have the time to get back on the streets of New Carthage, I'm totally gonna do it with the stated goal of being intentional comic relief in the city. No other purpose. Just gonna get on when I can to make the game funny for people. Basic characters just begging to be killed, like crack fiends and shit who won't stop asking you for money. Dudes who are deathly afraid of EVERYTHING and stupid as shit, so they run out of the Syndrome in fear when someone even looks tough at 'em.

Because, hey, I like to do community service, and all. I'm a god damn humanitarian. I just don't wanna waste my time on stupid shit like feeding starving kids when I could be spending my time wisely making anti-social 14 year olds shoot milk out their noses in laughter.

-Andrzej Valentyn Kujawski
09:39pm 28/10/2004
  Hi children.

I see no one's posted here for a while, but I figured I would anyway.

This is Xoie's player, if any one here knows me yet.

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I'm curious... 
05:03pm 29/07/2004
mood: curious
I was chatting with an admin.... and I was just wondering....

Where are you when we need you Gregory?Collapse )

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Eventful events 
01:11am 29/06/2004
  I'm having a bit of a post-21st birthday get together with a couple friends, one of them being the infamous Sabyt.


If anybody wants to hang out with some cool mother fuckers, and you're not doing anything the weekend of august 7th-ish, say something.

This event will likely take place in Oshkosh, WI... but if there's enough interest, we might hit up the Safe House in Milwaukee, and grab a hotel room down there or something.

So there
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CS feeds 
09:02pm 20/06/2004
mood: cheerful
If you want the Yahoo groups on your friends page, it's quite easy.

cspurepr_y, cswebhelp_y, and cs_y!
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Golfing for Serial Killers 
01:02pm 01/01/2004
mood: productive

I just popped up a new community, aimed at current and retired/expired CS players.

It's up at ncrefugees.

The aim is to give us a non-cs place to yap with present non-CSers and such


x-posted to my journal, of course
I should definitely *not*... 
03:04pm 15/12/2003
  ...be reading shit like this while I'm at work.

09:04am 13/11/2003
mood: rushed
Bada bing!
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More sushi 
12:57am 12/11/2003